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Created by: Chaos Created
Published by: Chaos Created
Requires: Creatures 2 (or The Albian Years, or the Creatures Collection) and the World Switcher for Creatures 2 (free download)



Anubis and Isis (Features the new improved Igua Norn geonome!)

These Norns are based on a modified Canny geonome. They have genetic changes which will make them good explorers - suitable for Montu. They seem to like company of other Norns and breed like rabbits but when it gets too crowded they'll normally split up - often in couples. Keep 'em together for a little bit if you get a chance and you'll see what I mean - friendly little guys. The geonome is based on the Canny geonome from Lis Morris and Chris Double. It is suggested that you only breed Anubis and Isis with each other or other Canny Norns...[Click here to download them]


Third Party Geonome - The Edguas (Created by Lacota of the UCA!)

EDGUAS Edguas are edna norns that use the igua slot for sprites. The features of Edguas are:

Don't breed untill the youth stage
Are immune to sleep and fever toxins
Males are red and females are green
Immune to glycotoxin
Breed with Cannys and Kais
Dont suffer form OHSS (One Hour Stupidity Syndrome)
Wont be immune unless injected with chemicals 200 and 201 (ednadonna and ednacide)
[Click here to download them]


Ecology Kit Background

This image replaces the Albia background in the Ecology Applet!

To use, go to your Creatures 2/Applet Data folder on your hard drive and rename the file "Smallbackground.bmp" to something else (ie. smallbackgroundtwo.bmp). Then unzip the image file contained in this zip file to your Creatures2/appletdata directory. Now your Ecology kit will display a Montu map!...[Click here to download]