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FAQ/Technical Support


Created by: Chaos Created
Published by: Chaos Created
Requires: Creatures 2 (or The Albian Years, or the Creatures Collection) and the World Switcher for Creatures 2 (free download)



What do I need to play Montu?

Creatures 2 needs to be installed on your computer, with a copy of the World Switcher (which you can get from here)

What types of objects are there?

There's around 40 new objects in total such as mine trains, magic lamps, apple trees, snakes, lizzards - all sorts of wonderful things! And we'll be offering new objects for Montu from this site as time goes on.

Can I have multiple Montu worlds?

Yes you can - you need the World Switcher from here!

Will you have to go through a lot of troubles and dangers to get the IguaNorns? If so, would it be wise to hatch one creature, train them, and have them go through all the dangers rather than having other norns to worry about?

People have come up with their own ways of saving the Igua Norns :). Probably hatching one Norn to save them might be a good place to start as there are several things you need to do to get to the Igua Norns. I won't spoil it but you need to somehow get access to the mine cart. And that's just the start :).

What do the Igua norns do for raising children? Do they raise them or do they leave them like normal norns?

The Igua Norns and the geonome that comes with Montu is very much like latest geonome from CL and so the Norns should be raised the same. However, we have also designed a new geonome which we couldn't ship with the game for legal and compatibility reasons. This new geonome has the following advantages:

These Norns are based on a modified Canny geonome. They have genetic changes which will make them good explorers - suitable for Montu. They seem to like company of other Norns and breed like rabbits but when it gets too crowded they'll normally split up - often in couples. Keep 'em together for a little bit if you get a chance and you'll see what I mean - friendly little guys. The geonome is based on the Canny geonome from Lis Morris and Chris Double.

This geonome and Norns born with the new geonome are availible on our add-ons page.

The Ecology Kit in C2 has a picture of Aliba in it, will a new Ecology Kit be included that is for Montu?

Yes but it isn't included in the download as we didn't want to wreck people's existing Ecology kit setup. You can download the Montu Ecology kit background from our add-ons pages now!

How much does Montu cost?

Montu is availible at £5.18 (around $7.99 USD) from the Chaos Store.