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5:13 (In production)
Chaos Created will be editing on 5:13, a forthcoming horror film from Perantauan Pictures and befour.

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The Joshua Tapes (In production)
Chaos Created is currently editing on The Joshua Tapes, a forthcoming film from Perantauan Pictures and befour.

Befour will shortly be bringing S'kali to the UK for a series of showings.

The film, which received a theatrical release in Malaysia in September 2005 and is now showing on Box Office, will receive a festival/independent release in the UK. The film was produced by Perantauan and edited by Befour.

S'kali is also available to buy and rent through online media services.



Bored Billy
Chaos edited this short film for Dragons Garden.

Twelve year old Billy is bored! He spends his week wandering around Bristol completely bored and nothing can cheer him up, until he finds a Colt 45 that is! Billy plays with his new 'toy' in the garden, asking his oblivious mother what the best way to blow his brains out is. A shot through the mouth? Or through the temple? A short black comedy written by Andy Blake with James Liley as Billy and Amanda Rosslee as his mum. Completed February 2007.

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The Last Drive
Chaos is currently editing a commercial release for reformed band, The Last Drive. More details to follow.

Commercial DVDs
Chaos has recently completed work on several commercial DVDs. More details to follow.

From the Labs...

We're busy working on The Last Drive concert DVD for commercial release!


Commercial Services

As much as we enjoy putting together our films, we do like to get our teeth stuck into some commercial work.

In 2006, Chaos began producing some commercial DVDs to schools and nursery schools for inclusion in their prospectus and portfolios.

We also began to provide commercial"screens" for bars and clubs in the Bristol area.

To discuss commercial film, DVD or video work, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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