Chaos Created has experience in a wide range of areas, from web design through film and video production, and - more recently - apps and mobile games.  Below is our genesis.
What is Chaos Created

Chaos Games launched in 1999, intent on designing an artificial life game called Montu as an add-on for the Creatures series of games (we worked as a 1.5 party developer for Cyberlife/Creature Labs who published Montu on our behalf). Chaos set about creating a few web sites as a way to fund their own creative work and, before we knew it, we were creating web sites nearly full time, whilst working on our own creative projects in between.

Skip forward more than half a decade (to 2007) and Chaos has become a media production house (through an accidental recipe of luck and determination), offering a wide range of Internet and media solutions, all under one roof. Utilising a pool of talent in the South West of England, Chaos is able to work in film, advertising, web design, DVD production, print based publications and interactive design. And, as creative minds, we also work on our own self-funded projects - films, games, internet services and more.

Who is Chaos Created

Chaos ends up being different teams on different projects. The director of the company is Alastair Maggs, who graduated in 2005 from UWE with a first degree in Time Based Media (a slightly pretentious name for a media production degree).

Two of the creatives that are involved in a number of Chaos projects are Luke Yerbury and Arivind Abraham, both of which have been involved Chaos' interactive projects (such as Melloweh and Gridsearch) as well as through the befour/Perantauan relationship which saw the release of feature film S'kali last year and continues into 2009 with 5:13, a horror film, and Joshua Tapes, which is not a horror film.

We'll add some profiles soon of the regular Chaos Creatives, but you can read about some of the teams on the individual project pages.

Where is Chaos

Chaos is located on the marina in Port Marine, just outside of Bristol. We're (conveniently) located near Jacks and several other bars, coffee houses and restaurants. Which is handy!