Montu is a whole new world for Creatures 2, as big as the original Albia, but far more dangerous.

Welcome to Montu!... Montu is a new world for Creatures 2 which you can purchase, online, in the Chaos Store. It is held in ancient Shee mythology that when the Shee left Albia in a spaceship, that a couple of Grendels stowed away on board. The Shee attempted to fight them off and blasted several out into space. The Shee, eventually left the spaceship because of the Grendels, and found a 3D world. The Grendels that got blasted out into space eventually found Montu.
The Grendels proceeded to colonize Montu turning it into their own ideal planet - full of dangers. They even captured the Igua Norns, a breed that the Shee had invented with plans to introduce them into the 3D world that they were in search of.

These Norns need saving. With your help they can be set free.

Montu is full of treasures, dangers, treats, a new Norn breed with a new sprite set and a new ecosystem with rooms that flood and rain that can settle.

There are challenges to take on which can lead to fun and also danger for your Norns. For example, your adventures may lead to the discovery of a cure for all the dangers in Albia, or you may discover gadgets to control certain room properties. Perhaps you'll find the Igua Norns. Perhaps you'll find a runaway mine cart ride? There's plenty to see and discover.

In Montu, only the fittest can survive.

Game Features

Here are some of the features of Montu:

A whole new world!
Shee and Grendel mythology to uncover and discover!
New Igua Norns (New genetics and sprites)!
Around 40 new objects!
A new weather system allowing flooding and sandstorms with rain that settles!
More challenges and objectives!
Dangers such as deadly animals!
Objects include a mine train ride!

The new world is the same size of Albia. It contains many dangers and challenges such as deadly animals, diverse weather systems with rain that settles and sandstorms. It also contains many interesting discoveries - some might prove dangerous such as the discovery of hidden mythological creatures, whilst others might prove beneficial such as the discovery of a mine train ride or cures.

The world is 100% new and features a new incubator, underwater labyrinths, a draining sewer, snake pit, indoor gardens, sandy surface, a lush green quarry and tombs.

The new Igua Norns are trapped under the surface of Montu and it is a race against time to free them! Should a Grendel or Ettin free them, then you need to save them fast as the room they are trapped in is a torture room full of dangerous objects. Best thing to do is to send a Norn down so you can free them for yourselves - but the journey may prove dangerous.

The Igua Norns feature the latest CL genome (and an improved genome, based on the Canny genome, with features better suited for Montu's climate and dangers is available from our add-ons section) and an entirely new sprite set.

There are dozens of new objects to discover and play with as well as many objects rescued from Albia so there's always plenty to do.

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Created by: Chaos Created
Published by: Chaos Created
Creatures 2 (or The Albian Years) Requires the World Switcher (Free Download)