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Norngarden 2

The Official Website

Created by: Tomtschek
Published by: Chaos Created
Requires: Creatures 3 (or Exodus, or the Creatures Collection) Or Creatures Docking Station (free download)



"After a few weeks of the thought of the other door in the Norngarden that was in the back of his mind the Lone Shee decided he better start thinking of how to open it before he went insane with curiosity.The Lone Shee then poured himself a cup of tea and headed down to the garden to look at the door and think."

When you enter the Norngarden it is a rough and dangerous place. You can change it into a beautiful and safe garden! How? Find out yourself! On the other hand you can keep it a rough place so your Norn have to learn to survive in this environment.

There are lots of things to explore for your Norn in the Norngarden2! Some things they may encounter will be real fun!

Norngarden 2 is an add-on for Creatures 3 and Docking Station, and you can download it here from Chaos Created.

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