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Created by: Chaos Created
Published by: Chaos Created
Requires: PC/Mac
Release Date : Q4 2008




Melloweh's demo build won the runner-up place for the Hewlett Packard award for Multimedia Design in 2005.

For years there has been great conflict amongst two races, the benevolent and free spirited race of Gix, and the aggressive, bad tempered Rokken. However, this once thought healthy conflict has reached a dangerous plateau. The Rokken have forced the Gix, and their leader Quale, from the safety and comfort of the home and banished them to the unknown of the outside garden where danger strikes from every corner.

Welcome to Melloweh.

Melloweh is a new game where you, as a God, have to help a race of insects through the labrynth that is the garden of Melloweh. Along the way, you will encounter many areas, and many secrets that might just help you guide Quale's people back home.

Combining Artificial Life with narrative driven gameplay, the prototype for Melloweh is now complete. More details will follow shortly regarding the release of this product.


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The Team

The Team
Producer/programming: Alastair Maggs
Landscape/model design: Alastair Maggs, Andrew Russell
Story/script: Andrew Russell, Arivind Abraham, Alastair Maggs
Music/sound design: Chris Hanson
Animator: To be announced (internal)
Modeler/Set Design: Carla Batson
Concept Art: Joseph Williams
Graphic Design: Luke Yerbury

Featuring music by: Rachel Goodsall


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